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Jake Hand.jpg

Jake — Founder

Our visionary, designer, and prototyper, Jake always has his eyes set on the distant horizon, looking out for new opportunities, inspirations, and directions for us to go in. Ever creating, he never stops moving, thinking, and dreaming, lifting his team with him as he strides towards his next big idea.

Cal —  Senior Designer

Our technical innovator, Cal, has extensive experience with materials and processes. Cal passionately explores the beauty of materiality and form, the results are timeless and deeply intimate creations.

Fernado Hand.jpg

Fernando — Studio Coordinator

Our liaison and point person both within and without the shop, Fernando is integral in keeping the company running on the daily. 

Nick Hand.jpg

Nick — Production Lead / Photographer

Nick is our veteran member. He ensures that project's needs are met, while providing a unique perspective with photography. 


Simon — Production Associate

An ideas guy, always ready to make a process more efficient. In addition to his work with J.M. Szymanski, Simon is a multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of media. Simon is always ready for a new concept or idea.

Ella Paw.jpg

Ella — Chief Morale Officer

Our gentle resident shop dog, Ella, gives just as much love as she receives. Always eager for a pat or a game of fetch, Ella makes sure everyone is feeling their best as they go about their days.

Jake Szymanski is a maker & designer of one of a kind furniture and objects. The studio introduces radical new shapes and explores new materials and textures. Each work demonstrates a fascination with unique geometries, raw materials, and unusual forms. J.M. Szymanski was introduced in 2014 and has attracted the attention of top architects, interior designers, and collectors.

Jake lives in New York City where he designs and fabricates his work. His design education began in his early childhood where he and his family spent seven years in Nepal. later, in his early 20’s, he moved to Spain where he studied the designs of Gaudi, visited the Alhambra, and made frequent trips to Morocco. J.M. returned to the USA to study interior design. He studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at the School of Visual Art. He went on to design for William Sofield.



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